Safe & Successful Running – Part 4: Race Day

The hard work has been done; you have prepared carefully over the past weeks and months and now it’s Race Day and time to put all that hard work into practice. For our final article in this series, here are a few thoughts to bear in mind on the day of the race itself.


Try to stick as far as possible to your normal routine – don’t do anything different on the day to what you normally do. Eat your usual pre-exercise breakfast and check that you have all your equipment and kit ready for the race.


Avoid wearing new trainers or socks you haven’t run in previously as they increase the chance of you suffering joint pain and blisters which will seriously impair your performance.


Whilst being well-hydrated is absolutely essential, don’t try new gels or drinks you haven’t tried previously on the day of the race. Whilst hydration is vital, alcohol is a very bad idea before or immediately after the race so stick to water or your usual training drink.


As start time approaches, don’t forget to warm up fully, gently stretch and get your muscles ready to work hard. During the race, pace yourself – run your own race and don’t be distracted by having a lot of other runners around you and try to keep up with those who are used to running far more quickly than yourself. Once you have finished the race, remember to warm down and do some more gentle stretching to help those muscles recover.


Above all, good luck and remember to have fun and enjoy the event!


For anyone needing training advice or treatment for injuries, please contact me on 01279 813253.


To register for the Stansted 10K, please go to

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