The Clinic

Our focus at the practice is on early and precise diagnosis, thorough manual therapy treatments and comprehensive rehabilitation programming all under the same roof. The treatment process encompass from time of injury to return of activity, having been treated holistically by George or Sylvia throughout.


Our aim is for patients to arrive at the clinic and feel at ease with the surroundings. Each client will be greeted by the Practice Manager, Louise Cooper, who will answer any of your questions and explain the process for the consultation and treatment.


Initial consultation will be with George Cooperor Sylvia Ringhofer by way of a detailed interview giving both patient and clinician the opportunity to discuss their view of the injury.


Following the interview, a thorough objective assessment of the injury will be carried out in one of the treatment rooms.  This may, with consent, involve filming certain movements to demonstrate to the patient where problems are manifesting.


Treatment will be carried out using various manual therapy methods offered at the practice and may involve both George or Sylvia.


Following the assessment and treatment process both clinicians and patient will return to the interview room where previous videos will be reviewed and discussed so that patients are clear of what the injury structures are, objective movement limitations and what the plan is to improve them.


Comprehensive rehabilitation programmes will be designed for use at the clinic and at home. This will be designed around setting achievable, realistic and measurable goals for each activity until functional fitness is restored.


This process has been successful for many years in the professional football club environment where clinicians work closely together on each injury from beginning to end to avoid recurrence. We feel it is an excellent opportunity for patients of any age or gender to be treated in the same way that professional athletes are for any injury, sporting or otherwise.

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